Moriyama offer the level of support for Umbraco that you'd expect from a commercial CMS vendor. 

Our Umbraco support contracts give you piece of mind, a formal SLA and the ability to pick up the telephone and call an expert when the need arises.

Key Benefits

  • Full support coverage – we support all of your customisations as well as Umbraco itself
  • Rapid access to experts guaranteeing service continuity
  • Telephone - support, feel free to call us
  • Face to face professional support in business critical periods
  • A stable, performing and reliable system for users
  • Formal Service Level Agreement (30 minute response - 2 hour resolution)
  • Umbraco Courier, Contour/Forms licenses included
  • acess included
  • Consultancy clinics for best practice implementation advice

How much support do I need?

We offer 4 types of support, detailed below. Our most popular plans are single and multi site - which are an annual contract. We'd encourage you to Contact us to discuss which support agreement is right for you.

 Pay As You GoSingle SiteMulti SiteEnterprise
Number of sites supported Unlimited 1 Up to 5 Unlimited
SLA Included? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Response/Resolution* 2 Hours 2 Hours 2 Hours 1 Hour
Number of tickets per year Unlimited 10 40 Unlimited
Telephone support included?
Consultancy Included? - -
Hosting Included? - - -
Access to - -
Courier, Forms/Contour licenses? - -
24x7 support? - - -
Billing On Demand Annual Quarterly/Annual Quarterly/Annual

** A 2 hours response and resolution time applies only to P1 issues raised under your contract.

Pay As You Go Support

For companies with stable websites - they rarely need help and the site rarely goes down. You want an agreement just in case something goes wrong. You don't really expect to call us.

Single Site Support

You have one website which works well with a couple of editors maintaining the content. The editors are confident maintaining the site but you expect to call us a few times per year when things don't quite work.

Multi Site Support

You are an SME with multiple websites and plenty of content editors - you expect to be in touch with us relatively frequently for help with your sites.

Enterprise Support

Large organisations with many websites. Because of your number of users you expect to be in touch most weeks, sometimes multiple sites for assistance and advice about your sites.

Sophisticated Support System

Moriyama have developed a sophisticated multi-channel system to enable us to respond to your concerns rapidly.

The key features of our support system are:

  • Ticket Identification - each case is designed a unique identity
  • Responsible engineer - a single point of contact to resolve your issue
  • Utilisation Stats - See how much support you've used and how much you have remaining
  • Document Portal - Easy access to your contract and any knowledge base articles that we've given you.

We won't proxy your support requests through an account manager - your request will be directly handled by a qualified engineer - usually within an hour.

Please call us for a demonstration of our support service.